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A year like no other....

Today marks 4 years since we lost Steve and like all of you, it marks a year like no other. I have thought a lot about how Steve might have coped with the changes in life that the lockdowns have bought. Of course, as a key worker he would have worked throughout. But generally I have come to the conclusion that he would have found it all very hard! Being the sociable person that he was, I am positive that the lack of human contact with those he loved the most, would have really affected him. I think he may have found home schooling a challenge too.........Like me, not always the most patient and patience in abundance is something I have learnt that you need A LOT of as a teacher! I have a new found respect for the profession that I so nearly went into!

During this year, I have also thought a lot about how we would have coped with lockdown on top of coping with a terminal diagnosis. We were very lucky to have had the most amazing support from so many during those 21 months. This year, many families have been denied the opportunity to have had the support that they so desperately require, because of the pandemic. You need your loved ones close during desperate times. My heart goes out to those who are at this moment having to cope with what we did 4 years ago. Please spare a thought for those families who know that for their loved one, this will be the last Christmas that they will see. Think about how they must be feeling knowing that they may not get to spend it with them - its heartbreaking and cruel. Think twice before complaining about your situation and be grateful for the time and the people that you will get to celebrate Christmas with. For most after all, there will always be next year.......

Life brings so many twists and turns, but I think everybody has been surprised from this years events that have meant so many changes for all of us. As for us, the children have in true Holbrook style adapted incredibly well to this years turn of events. Whilst it has not always been easy (far from it!) the children have bonded together in a way that without lockdown, I don't they would have. As for me, I have been lucky enough to have found love again and with his amazing support, we are navigating our way through family life and looking forward to our future. I know this is all happening with Steve's heavenly guidance and blessing and today I will reflect on the life that we shared and the love that we had. We miss him and think and talk about him everyday and the children are a credit to him and his legacy.

Continue to sleep tight my love x


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