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This is us - the Holbrooks!  This photo was taken just a week before Steve's diagnosis.  Amazingly, despite losing his vision in his left eye at mile 8, Steve still managed to complete the half marathon in 2 hours flat!  Unbeknown to us, the loss of vision Steve experienced was due to swelling that had developed around the undiscovered tumour.


After the shock of the initial diagnosis, we then had to wait to see a neuro-surgeon regarding possible resection of the tumour and treatment.  This was an incredibly anxious 7 day wait for us all. However, we were re-assured by the amazing surgical team at Addenbrookes, that they could fully remove the tumour, which they did on 10th April 2015.



Histology of the tumour revealed that it was indeed what they suspected, that of a GBM, and that an intensive course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy would be required, a treatment programme lasting for 9 months.  This ended in December 2015.  Unfortunately, an MRI in January 2016 showed a re-growth in a new area of the brain.  As a result of a visit to Holland and Leeds in March (paid for by Brainstrust) to see 2 top Professors in the field, Steve was accepted onto a clinical trial at UCH London.  Steve was randomised to the standardised treatment arm of the trial which he completed for 4 months, but further growth of his tumour meant that he was taken off of the trial.  He started IV chemotherapy back at Addenbrookes between September-November 2016.  

Steve passed away in Addenbrookes hospital on November 30th 2016, whilst still undergoing treatment, determined as he was to fight to the end.

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