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Sunsets and sunscreen

So we are nearly at the end of summer. I felt relieved to have made it to the end of the school year and I am now relieved that we are almost at the end of the summer holidays! Having said that, the children and I have had lots of fun adventures - Masons birthday, trips to Germany & Malta, a visit to my sisters for a weekend plus plenty of days out for the children whilst mummy has been at work! What I have learnt is that foreign holidays without Steve are very strange. Being solely responsible for passports, packing, airport and aeroplane squabbles, ensuring copious amounts of suncream is applied to the kids, entertaining the children in the pool, at poolside, in the evenings and getting them to sleep in the same hotel room........all completely exhausting! I honestly don't think I could have done this yet on my own and so have been lucky enough to embark on these trips with some incredibly supportive friends and my most wonderful family, who have helped me no end. Apart from the practicalities, what makes holidays strange without Steve, is just him not being by my side. Simple. I missed not being able to sit on a balcony with him and share a glass of wine, I missed not seeing him burn because he never applied enough sunscreen! I missed not being able to share a sunset with him or make him play scrabble, battleships or boggle of an evening! What you realise on holiday is there are lots of happy couples all around you, its something bizarrely I had not noticed before! You also notice the number of dads playing in the pool, driving pedalos and kayaks, something Steve would also do. The kids definitely missed him and told me often.

Since I wasn't able to share the beautiful Malta sunset with Steve, I thought I would share it with all of you lovely people. I know in time, holidays will get easier with the children and they will come to appreciate a sunset as much as I do. However, we will always miss Steve on whatever adventures we embark on, but we do plan to have many more of them xx

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