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12 years ago today since the big "I do"....

Today marks 12 years since I very proudly and happily became Mrs Holbrook. Twelve years, how on earth did that happen? Where does time go?

I remember being so nervous in the morning of our wedding, but also incredibly excited. We had planned for the big day for close to 18 months and had saved so hard in order that all of our friends and family could attend and share the happiest day of our lives. I couldn't wait for our adventure as husband and wife to start. Today, as I have looked back at some of our wedding photos (we looked so young!) I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the adventure that I had with Steve. Yes, the adventure was over far too soon and yes, he should have been here to have celebrated again with me today. But, I have to take comfort and remember this day for the 11 wonderful anniversaries that we had together. This included a holiday to the Italian Lakes, a few mini breaks, some lovely meals out and attending the wedding of our very close friends, James and Jo, who we felt really lucky to have shared our anniversary with.

It seems quite poignant that the documentary Steve appears in (Time to Live) will air this week. It has received some amazing reviews and has been featured as the "Pick of the Day" in a lot of the TV guides and newspapers. I am fairly sure that many of the feelings of nerves and anxiety that I experienced on our wedding day, will be replicated when I view the film on Wednesday. Although apprehensive about seeing him on the small screen, I can't wait to hear his voice again, and I am sure upon hearing and seeing him speak, I will continue to be incredibly proud to be called Mrs Holbrook, or Mrs H for short!! xxx

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