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21 months on & 21 months into the future.....

I can't believe that the last blog I wrote was in March! Time just seems to be flying as we continue to move forward with our lives. Steve died 21 months ago this month, the same amount of time that he lived for following his diagnosis. Its crazy how much things can change and happen in what in reality is, just a relatively short period of time. I've thought a lot recently about the importance of time, and not to be too melancholy, but in particular about how none of us really know how much time on this planet we have. I think once you lose somebody you love completely prematurely, you have a tendency to think about your own mortality an unhealthy amount. It is something that Emma, bless her, at the tender age of just 9, questions a lot. Its difficult for anybody to think and talk about death, but I think it is particularly hard for a child who has been forced to grow up and face this reality, too early in life.

Time is so precious that I have made a promise to myself to not wait to do the things I want to do or wish to achieve. Its so important to just be happy, no matter how hard it may be to achieve this all of the time. So as such, I have made a bucket list to complete before I am 40..........Unfortunately, this is just 18 months away........ On the list includes: Running a marathon, having the holiday of a lifetime with the children, climbing at least one of Britain's mountains, becoming a Barre fitness instructor, swimming with a turtle oh and going on a date with Jake Gyllenhaal.......Not sure I will achieve the last one unfortunately.... There are a couple of others too that I want to keep private, but plans are already in place to complete some of these, the marathon being the first. I hope to report that in 21 months time, post my 40th birthday (bloody hell) that my bucket list will be fulfilled and that I have no regrets of the time that will have passed between now and then and most importantly, that I remain happy x

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