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Time to Live

Last Autumn, Steve was approached by Wellpark Productions to be part of a documentary on living with a terminal illness. We were put in contact with them by Brain Tumour Research and upon meeting and talking with Steve and finding out more about his cancer journey they asked him to take part. Steve was interviewed over 2 days and we were filmed as a family for a few hours. Until recently, I had no idea as to what Steve spoke about or what he was asked, but I have now been read his transcript by the Producer. It is short, sweet and it is an incredibly moving piece. I have never been more proud of him and never have I missed him more since hearing it. You will all have the opportunity to view it, as it is looking like it will be transmitted on BBC2, 9pm on Wednesday 17th May - 3 days after our wedding anniversary.

Steve is one of 12 people featured with the emphasis of the film being about LIVING rather than dying. For those of you who never knew Steve, I hope that the film will show you as to why he was so loved. For those of you who knew him well, you will be able to identify with his emotional struggle, but also recognise his humour, that does briefly appear.

In the end, the filming was completed just 9 weeks before Steve died and it is difficult to think as to how fast his health deteriorated following this. Steve was hopeful when he agreed to be filmed that he would be alive to view the documentary, but I think during the filming itself, he knew that this would be unlikely. He wanted to be part of this film in the hope that it would help others in his circumstance, that others would seek strength, understanding and take comfort from his story. Ultimately, he wanted to raise awareness of the disease and provide the children with an incredible keepsake, of their hero dad xx

Steve, the star of the show!

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