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The kids and I have had a busy month, which ended in a new adventure, skiing! The kids absolutely loved it, as did I! Steve would have been super proud of how well they took to the slopes. I think this could be a new hobby for the 3 of us, with hopefully some winter holidays too!! We talk about Steve all the time and have had some lovely keepsakes made - a memory book for both children of photos of them with their dad, as well as some pillows made by my lovely mother-in-law, from our favourite of Steve's shirts. They love them, as do I. Tomorrow, we enter February, a significant month for Steve and I. It was the month in which we met 19 years ago and is also the month of both of our birthdays. I find it hard to believe that on my birthday last year, we went to Iceland - somewhere I had always wanted to go, but a place that Steve unexpectedly feel in love with. We will celebrate both of our birthdays, in style and will continue to make plans for the year ahead. Thank you everybody for your continued support and love x

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